Chapter 54 - The Better Styles

Kelsey’s POV:

          “Well, your little girls are perfectly healthy and everything seems to be running smoothly,” Dr. Webs smiles as I sit up. “You should be having them in about four months’ time.”

          I smile as Harry stands up. “Thank you, doctor,” he says as Dr. Webs smiles and nods before leaving the room.

          “Oh, my God,” I chuckle breathily. “Four more months left.”

          Harry grins widely, excitedly. “You’re gonna be running around on New Years with that belly.”

          I roll my eyes. “Joy,” I say sarcastically as the two of us leave the hospital. “I actually like coming to the hospital,” I say as Harry’s hand interlocks with mine, “it’s the only place where the paparazzi have the decency not be dicks.”

          Harry coughed down a laugh as I just chuckled at his reaction. “That’s true,” he replies, “but it’s good as well; I don’t have to worry about you going to doctor appointments while I’m on tour.”

          I give him a look, raising an eyebrow. “And what if I go somewhere else?” I ask, “You wouldn’t be worried then?”

          Harry scoffed, smirking slightly. “Please,” he rolls his eyes, “you cry at the thought of changing out of your pajamas.”

          I opened my mouth to retaliate but shut it soon after. “You’re actually right,” I say, chuckling breathily. “Being pregnant isn’t all bad now that I think about it. It comes in handy as an excuse.”

          “Oh, yeah?” Harry raised an eyebrow as we got into the Range Rover. “Excuses for what?”

          “For, like, putting whipped cream on my mushroom pizza,” I say as I put on my seat belt.

          Harry scrunched up his face in disgust. “You don’t even like mushrooms on your pizza,” he points out as he started up the car.

          “I know!” I reply, “But I was craving them at the time so I ate it with some whipped cream.”

          He shook his head, chuckling slightly. “I feel bad for what you’ve put my mother and sister through.”

          “Oh, please,” I rolled my eyes, “it’s not like I made them try it. But since you said that, I just might make you try it.”

          “Please don’t,” he pleaded, turning the steering wheel as the car took a left turn. “I promise not to make fun of your weird cravings.”

          “Mhm,” I mused, narrowing my blue eyes at him, “that’s what I thought.”

Harry’s POV:

          Today, somehow and miraculously, I got Kelsey to get out of the house. Thankfully, Gemma being in town got her to get up from bed and out of the house, and I made sure they were out for the entire day. Because today I was having some people come in and start making up the babies’ room. The lads were coming to help as well, which was really kind of them to do so.

          I had also asked Gemma to make sure that Kelsey stayed off of Twitter, just in case word got out and fans started tweeting about it. So I could only hope Gemma would be able to do that and keep Kelsey off of it.

          Around noon, the doorbell rang and in came the lads. “The baby room company people or whatever are here,” Louis says as he walks in and I nod.

          The company that was helping me with the room sent some people over, who made sure everything was going in order and all of the supplies were here. The lads and I helped them bring all of the stuff containing the baby furniture in and we brought it upstairs where the baby rooms were to be, right across from Kelsey and I’s bedroom.

          We had the guest room cleared out a while ago, Kelsey and me promising ourselves that we’d get around to doing the baby’s room. But I knew she had forgotten with all of her cravings building a nest in her brain, so I took it upon myself to get everything ready.

          With my bandana on my head and hands ready to build a crib and paint the walls, I was ready to make this room. Roxanne, the woman in charge from the company, told us the first thing we should do is paint the walls so they dry faster, so we got right on that.

          Kelsey had chosen a cute mauve color for the walls, so we got the exact color and started painting the beige walls with the paint rollers. “I hate the smell of paint,” Niall chuckled as he started painting.

          “Really?” Zayn asked, “I love it, man.”

          “Maybe because you’re used to paintin’, ya git,” Niall responded, causing me to chuckle at their behavior.

          Once we had panted the room, Liam and I opened the four windows so the paint fumes would go out. It was then time to build the cribs for the babies, so Louis and I took up one while Niall, Liam and Zayn took the other. And trust me; building cribs is a lot harder than it looks; especially when you have five idiots like us.

          But once we had the cribs done and built and the walls were dry, it was time to put up the other furniture. Zayn and Louis the shelf that would hold little toys for the babies while Liam and I built the big dressing table where the babies’ clothes and other things will go in. Niall, with the occasional help of Louis, built the changing table that would go by the door.

          A couple of hours later, we were still finishing up the room where Gemma called me. I stepped out of the bedroom, walking down the hallway and away from the room and the loudness of the boys. “Hey, Gem,” I say as I answer her call.

          “Hey, little brother,” she says, “how’s the room building going?”

          “Good,” I reply, “we’re almost done. Where’s Kelsey?”

          “On line to get some frozen yogurt,” Gemma says. “How much longer do you need me to stall her?”

          I chuckle. “Why? Are her pregnant hormones getting to you?”

          “Of course not,” Gemma says. “I’m ashamed you’d even think that; I like her more than you, you know.”

          I rolled my eyes. “Oh, no. My sister likes my wife more than me. Boo hoo.”

          Gemma snickers. “She calls me the better Styles.”

          My eyes widened as she said that. “First my fans and now Kelsey?” I ask exasperatedly. “Where did I go wrong?”

          “When you started wearing those extremely tight pants,” Gemma chuckles, “all right, I’ve got to go, Kelsey’s back.”

          “Okay, I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” I say before hanging up.

          Walking back to where everyone was, I continued making the baby pink dressing table as I watched Louis put in the first mattress on one of the cribs. Roxanne helped by putting on the bed sheets and pillows, and when Liam said he’d finish off the dressing table, I picked up one of the sheer pink canopies that would go on top of each of the cribs.

          Picking up a drill gun and bringing in a stool, I stood up and drilled a hole on the ceiling. Good thing we didn’t position the cribs properly, or all the dust would go in it. Once I had both hooks, I set up the canopies and positioned the cribs under them properly and draped the canopy ends over them.

          Once I finished that, I watched as Louis ran inside the room holding two stuffed dogs. He placed them on one of the bottom shelves that he and Zayn had just finished building. Roxanne then put up two little paintings that looked like they were painted by kids and put them on either side of one of the windows, and I then stood up on the drill and made a bunch of holes on the ceiling before hammering in a hook and hanging up several butterfly wind chimes.

          As Liam put up lamps and set things in the little shelves, Roxanne started filling up one of the dressing tables with some clothes that the company supplies us with. Zayn, Niall, Louis and I then pulled in two identical pink couches and foot rests and placed them in either corner of the back of the room.

          An hour or so later, the room was done to perfection. The boys and I were sweaty and had paint on our clothes, and I’m pretty sure I had some ceiling powder in my hair because of all the drilling I had been doing.

          “Well, lads,” Louis grins as we look around the room, “I’d say we make pretty good handymen.”

          Niall smiles as well. “Yeah,” he nods, before looking at me. “Just don’t make us do that again.”

          I laughed, putting an arm around my Irish mate’s shoulder as I looked at the new baby room proudly. It looked brilliant, and it was hard to believe that the five of us actually managed to do it without breaking something or messing up.

          Everything in the room was a pleasant shade of pink. Not the pink that makes most guys want to throw up; but a happy, nice shade of pink that I’m glad Kelsey had picked out. The only thing that wasn’t pink was the floor carpet, which was beige and we had to vacuum before placing all of the furniture on top of it.

          Suddenly, my admiring of the room was cut short when my phone rang and I saw that it was Gemma. “Hey, Gem,” I say as I answered her call.

          “Hey,” she says, “is the room done?”

          “Yeah,” I reply, “you can bring her back now.”

          Gemma chuckles. “All right,” she says, “we’ll be there in five minutes.”

          I hung up then and rubbed my hands together. “Okay, Gemma’s bringing Kelsey back in five minutes!” I announce.

          After writing out a check to Roxanne and thanking her for all that she’s done, she then leaves and Liam turns to me. “Do you want us to leave or…?”

          I shook my head. “No, no; you guys helped me do the room, you should stay. Just wait in the babies’ room and I’ll bring them up.”

          They all nodded before hurrying back upstairs, just in time for the front door to open. I turned as I saw Gemma walk in, holding a couple of shopping bags followed by Kelsey who held the same amount of shopping bags as my sister.

          “I think I now know what they mean by ‘shop ‘til you drop,” Kelsey says as Gemma shut the door, “I can’t feel my legs.”

          I chuckled at the very pregnant girl as I kissed her briefly. “How was it?”

          “Great,” Kelsey smiles widely, before giving me a once over, “is there a reason you’ve got paint on you? And what’s that white stuff in your hair?”

          Gemma suppressed a chuckle as I ran a hand through my hair, feeling the bandana tied around my head. “I was just doing some stuff,” I tell her vaguely. “Which reminds me, come upstairs. I have something to show you.”

          “Okay?” Kelsey says, but it comes out more as a question as she was confused to what was happening.

          Taking her hand, I led her upstairs as Gemma follows behind us. I lead them down the hall and stop in front of the baby room that was hidden behind the closed door. I turned to Kelsey, grinning widely, “are you ready?”

          “I guess,” Kelsey chuckles confusedly as she glances at Gemma, who just gives her a knowing smile.

          I give Kelsey an assuring smile before placing my hand on the doorknob and slowly turning it, before opening the door to reveal the baby room and four boys standing in the center with big smiles on their faces as they screamed, “Surprise!”

          Kelsey gasped as her right hand flew up to cover her mouth, blue eyes wide as she looked around the newly done room. Gemma looked as well, her own eyes widening as she looked at our masterpiece. “Oh, my goodness,” Kelsey says in awe, her hand sliding across one of the crib’s handle as she walks around the room. “How did – who did this?”

          “We did, of course,” Louis chuckles as Kelsey looks at them, “but Harry led the whole thing.”

          Kelsey’s eyes meet mine as I smile at her, “do you like it?”

          “Like it?” Kelsey repeated, pulling her hand down after she played with one of the butterfly wind chimes. “I freaking love it! It’s perfect.”

          She gives me a hug as I smile before she turns to face the other lads. “Thank you, all of you. This is honestly amazing,” she says, not being able to keep that beautiful smile off her face.

          “You’re welcome, love,” Zayn says, smiling. “Now, we’ll leave you two alone because we lot need to shower.”

          Kelsey and I chuckle as the lads walk out and before Gemma leaves, I say, “Who’s the better Styles now?”

          My sister rolls her eyes as she backs away. “You may be the better Styles for Kelsey, but I’m the better Styles for your fans,” she smirks before walking out of the room.

          I huff as Kelsey lets out a laugh. “It’s true,” she says.

          I rolled my eyes. “Gee, thanks,” I say sarcastically, “it’s not like I just spent the entire day making our daughters’ room.”

          Kelsey smiles up at me as I pout jokingly, causing her to kiss me. “Thank you,” she smiles. “I love the room and I love you.”

          “I love you,” I repeat, smiling, “even if I’m not the better Styles.”

          Kelsey rolls her eyes and pushing away from me, slapping my chest before walking out of the room. “Nice way to ruin the moment, genius. I’m off to find the better Styles.”


          I let out a laugh as I followed my pregnant girl out of the room, closing the door before smiling to myself at the thought that I just finished making my little girls’ room. It’s only now sinking in that I’m about to be a father, and I couldn’t be any more excited.