Chapter 55 - It’s Time

Kelsey’s POV:

          Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years had passed. It was now January, 2014; a new year. I was heavily pregnant, obviously, and these little tykes were due any day now. The hospital bags were ready and on standby, ready to grab if my water decided to break any second now. I could literally feel the babies ready to burst.

          One Direction was going to go off on tour in January, which annoyed Harry a bit. As excited as he was, he still felt a bit upset that he’d be missing on the first few months of the babies’ lives. I knew it would be a bit hard without Harry, managing to little infants, but Gemma told me that she would be here to help me while Harry’s gone.

          “Here you go,” Harry chuckles, holding out a bag of M&Ms.

          “Bless your soul,” I sigh, taking it from him and ripping it open before putting some of them into my mouth. I had been lately craving chocolate a lot, and Harry had been sweet enough to tend to my every need of chocolaty goodness.

          Harry chuckled, sitting down next to me. “Will you still want this much chocolate after you give birth?”

          “I hope not,” I reply, “I’m hoping to lose all the baby fat after these kiddos come out.”

          “You’ll be perfectly fine,” Harry informs me, kissing my temple.

          I shrugged, eating a few M&Ms and sharing them with Harry. Now that I think about it, I will be hitting nine months in a couple of days, and the idea of actually giving birth terrifies me. And I wished so badly that my mom was here with me, to help me through it all when the time comes for it. It would be a lot easier if she was here with me.

          Harry and I sat on the couch and watched some televised movies, Harry picking up the remote to change the channel every now and then. Every time he did so, my eyes went to his left hand from which he held the remote with. On his ring finger of his left hand, Harry had the new wedding band that I got him for Christmas.

Christmas Time

          It was my first Christmas with Harry and his family, and the first without my mother. Anne, Robin and Gemma were over, of course, and everything was already set up. Harry had bought a tree and the two of us decorated it, along with adding wreaths here and there around the house.

          Christmas morning, everyone woke up excitedly to open the presents and see what everyone got them. Waking up, we all walked down to the living room in our pajamas and huddled around the tree.

          Soon enough, the unwrapping started, people laughing and hugging for their gifts. Finally, my heart skipped a beat when Harry picked up a small navy blue box tied with a silver bow. “Ooh, this one’s from you,” Harry grins, looking at me.

          I gave him a somewhat nervous smile as he unwrapped it. Looking over at Gemma, she gave me a thumbs up, knowing exactly what I got him since she helped me pick it out. Looking back at Harry, I watched as he unwraps the box and looked at the black velvet box sitting inside.

          He looked at me, raising an eyebrow before opening the box. “Holy mother of…” he trailed off, green eyes widening as he looked at the object.

          I had gotten him a wedding band that he didn’t have before. It was wide and dark grey, with nine tiny diamonds incrusted in the middle of it. It was manly enough for him, but beautiful either way. Not only was it a sentimental gift, but I noticed how much of an obsession with rings Harry was having, so this was perfect.

          Anne let out a quiet gasp when she saw the ring, smiling. “That’s absolutely gorgeous!” she says, looking at me. “Is it a wedding band?”

          I bit my bottom lip, smiling as I nodded. “Yeah,” I reply, looking back at Harry. “It might not be much, but –”

          “Not much?” Harry cut me off with a laugh, sliding on the ring on to his left ring finger. “This is perfect, Kelsey. I love it.”


          “They’ll be out any day now,” I mumble, right hand rubbing over my gigantic belly. It was absolutely huge; and it freaked me out how large my belly could grow. I felt like if I did one foul move, it’ll all explode – which is impossible, of course.

          “I know,” Harry smiles from next to me, “I’m so excited.”

          “I’m excited, nervous and terrified,” I admit. “Giving birth is one of the most painful things a girl has to go through.” I run a hand through my hair. “Not to mention having to do it two times in a row when you’re having twins.”

          Harry flinched slightly at the idea of giving birth. “Women have it too hard,” he muses, “they have to deal with giving birth and all of this other stuff. I applaud you.”

          I rolled my eyes, chuckling at Harry’s statement. “You’re just glad you don’t have to go through that,” I say, smirking slightly.

          Harry laughs. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.”


          Days had passed, and I had a feeling that today was it. Something in my gut told me that today was the day I was finally going to be giving birth to these twin girls, and I was mentally preparing myself. I didn’t tell Harry, because I didn’t want to freak him out, and I knew he’d find out when the time was right. I was just hoping it was soon, because this headache was driving me insane.

          Right now, Niall and Zayn were over at the house, just relaxing and drinking their beer. “It’s not fair,” I pout, “you all can drink freely and I can’t.”

          They laughed in response. “Just pop those suckers out and you’ll be a free woman,” Niall says, taking another sip of his beer.

          “Yeah, but not too free of a woman,” Harry adds quickly, sitting down next to me and giving me a glass of milk. Yeah, milk. These jerks get to chug beer down their throat while I’m stuck with milk.

          I huff, taking the glass from him. “My boobs hurt,” I blurt, taking a sip of it.

          Zayn stopped halfway from taking another sip of his beer as Niall – bless his soul – burst into a fit of laughter. Harry chuckled, shaking his head. “Don’t mind her,” he says to the boys, “she’s been very outspoken since she hit month eight of the pregnancy.”

          “What? They do!” I say defensively, sipping my warm milk once again. Harry knows how much I hate milk – I can’t stand it, really – yet he forces me to drink it because it’s healthy and crap. That boy is too caring for his own good.

          After drinking the rest of my milk, I got up from the couch to put away my glass. Once I put it in the dish washer, I started to walk back into the living room until I felt something wet on my feet. Frowning, I looked down, and it looked like that I stepped in a puddle.

          “Did anyone drop water or something?” I call out to the boys, stepping back. My eyes then widened when I realized something wet trickling down the side of my right leg, and I slowly looked down once again. “Oh, shit.”

          “Kelsey?” Niall asked, walking in with a frown, “What happened? And why’s the floor wet?”

          I looked up at the Irish boy, my blue eyes meeting his own. “Uh… My water broke.”

          Niall froze. “What?”

          “My. Water. Broke,” I repeated slowly. “The babies are coming!” I grin.

          “Shit!” Niall exclaims before running back into the living room. “Guys! Guys! Kelsey’s water broke! The babies – it’s time.”

          “What?!” I heard Harry exclaim from the living room as I walked inside. “We’ve gotta get you to the hospital,” he adds, looking at me.

          I nodded. “That’d be a smart idea, yeah,” I say, chuckling slightly.

          “All right,” Zayn stands up, noticing how panicked Harry looked. “You get her to the hospital. Niall and I’ll tell everyone else and meet you there.”

          Harry nods quickly as he runs upstairs before coming back downstairs with the baby bags and my UGG slippers. I quickly slide them and a pea coat on, before Harry helps me out of the house and into the car. Once we’re in, Harry sets out for the hospital, and I notice his worried expression.

          “Aren’t you supposed to be good at this?” I ask with a chuckle, remembering how he’s always so gentle with pregnant ladies and ready to help them whenever.

          Harry chuckles a bit. “I usually am,” he replies before glancing at me. “But this time these are my babies. It’s a whole lot more personal now.”

          I smile as a sudden pain stings through my stomach. “Ouch!” I frown, gripping my belly.

          “What’s wrong?” Harry asks worriedly as he stops the car at a red light.

          “Nothing,” I say, trying to not freak him out. “Just contractions.” When he bites his bottom lip, I smile and reach over the consol to hold his hand. “It’ll be fine. Stop worrying. I’m supposed to be the one who’s freaking out, not you. Don’t die on me now, Styles.”


          Harry pulls my hand up and places a kiss to the back of my palm. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”