About me !!!

Creative person. Coffee addicted. Forward thinking.

I Love What I Do

Everyone, it is safe to say, has a talent. Some can artistically draw reality on a piece of paper, while others can produce music from the tips of their fingers once they pick up an instrument. For the longest time, I had come to believe I did not possess a talent to compare myself to when I encountered gifted strangers or friends. All I really knew how to do was admire the beauty of other people’s works and pity myself for not being able to do something I was merely not gifted to do. But who knew I was one book away from an epiphany? ​The summer before my freshman year of high school, we were required to read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. Much to my surprise, I had enjoyed reading the book, never wanting to put it down once I had picked it up. It was then when I realized how much I really did love reading which should not have been as surprising to me as it was, seeing as I had managed to finish all seven of the Harry Potter books in less than two days.

Reading as a fond hobby of mine; little did I know that I would branch out from it soon enough. ​My memory does not serve me well enough to recollect how exactly I began writing. All I remember is opening up a Microsoft Word document, building a character, coming up with a plot, and simply going along with it. I was thirteen at the time, and I know for a fact that whatever stories I had made up, most likely did not have the correct punctuation or grammar etiquettes a proper book requires, but I remember not caring. When I wrote, I wrote freely without any dread of someone reading it and chiding me on my immature plotlines or dialogue. I wrote because I had finally found something I knew I could excel at. ​Thanks to my write for delight attitude, I was not afraid to post my adolescent writing on the Internet, where people would be able to read and comment on it. Granted, writing had at that point become a daily notion for me, but letting other people strangers read it and leave feedback on my works had brought my nerves to skin as I silently prayed that not everyone found my writing juvenile. But all it took was that first comment from a perfect stranger, a comment that read nothing more than “Good start! I like it!” that gave me the boost to continue with what I was doing. ​Almost four years ago, I had began writing, and to this day, I believe that it is one of my strong suits.

When I had taken a Creative Expressions class in my junior year, I realized my love for writing can be taken to a whole new approach, where I can express my thoughts on almost everything in the most inventive of ways. Thanks to my teacher, who had pushed me past the line of reality and crossed me into a side of writing I had never experienced, I was able to broaden my horizon when it came to writing stories or even a passage on a painting I saw or song I had listened to. ​For a while, I had just figured that writing was just a hobby for me—something to do to past time when I wasn’t busy. Nevertheless, the more time I spent typing away on my laptop about my latest character’s life or about a Van Gogh painting, I found more bliss in doing that than anything else. It gave me something to genuinely look forward to when I came home from school, and so it was hard to separate me from my reality and the ones I had fashioned online. Reading had only been a hobby, while writing had swiftly become a lifestyle.